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Empowering the Transition to Electric Mobility: Equans' Smart Charging Solutions

Equans, a leading charge point operator, manages more than 21.000 charge points in the Dutch grid. Our smart solutions address energy challenges by shifting demand, partnering with Liander and Stedin, optimizing renewable energy use, and reducing grid imbalances.

 Equans, charge point operator (CPO), is at the forefront of driving the evolution of electric mobility (eMobility). Managing an extensive network of over 21 thousand public and business charge points connected into the Dutch grid, Equans is leading the adoption of smart charging solutions that are revolutionizing the way we charge electric vehicles (EVs) and contribute to a more sustainable energy landscape.

In a world where electricity demand is growing rapidly, Equans recognizes the imperative of addressing challenges in energy grids. The energy consumption of our network, equivalent to the power usage of 50,000 households annually, underscores the urgency to develop adaptive energy solutions. Smart charging is a container term and is often used for local load balancing solutions. In this blog, smart charging refers to the shift of charging demand to times of lower consumption or higher renewable production, thus alleviating pressure on the grid.

As an integrator and operator of a charging network, Equans collaborates closely with partners to develop innovative solutions that address these challenges head-on.

Equans' proactive approach includes a range of solutions:

  • Grid Load Management: Collaborations with distribution system operators like Liander and Stedin enable Equans to leverage smart charging technology to relieve grid pressure during peak demand periods. The partnership with Liander involves utilizing real-time consumption data from electrical grid substations in Amsterdam to proactively reduce consumption peaks. Meanwhile, in the Rotterdam region, Equans and Stedin have established a network of 10 substations and 167 charging stations, aimed at minimizing peak load occurrences, paving the way for future expansion.
  • Renewable Energy Integration: Working in partnership with Electricity Maps, a data-provider and forecaster of renewable energy production, Equans has designed an algorithm that optimizes EV charging by aligning it with periods of high solar and wind energy production. This shift in charging demand not only contributes to reducing carbon emissions but also facilitates the increased integration of renewable energy sources into the grid.
  • Mitigating National Grid Imbalances: The Rotterdam area hosts a prime example of Equans' commitment to grid stability. By employing smart charging across 5200 charging points, Equans successfully reduces imbalances on the national grid. This approach ensures not only a more efficient grid operation but also supports the creation of new business models.
  • Navigating challenges with high energy prices: The changing energy landscape, triggered by events like the Ukraine crisis, underscores the importance of Equans' innovative solutions to mitigate energy price hikes and contract premium escalations. By utilizing smart charging, Equans navigates challenges linked to the increase of electricity prices, to offer affordable charging tariffs.

The journey of Equans is marked by its dedication to overcoming technical challenges together with their partner. As a pioneering CPO, Equans has adeptly managed the complexities of modernizing a decade-old network, by upgrading outdated chargers to include the capabilities of smart charging. Additionally, the company's emphasis on cybersecurity and data management reflects its commitment to prioritizing safety and privacy across its charging ecosystem for EV drivers.

As the roadmap to a sustainable energy future continues to evolve, Equans remains focused on advancing the next phase of smart charging innovation. This involves improved user engagement, incentivizing charging behavior shifts that align with peak renewable energy production times, fostering a harmonious balance between consumption and availability. Moreover, Equans is actively preparing its chargers for vehicle-to-grid integration, envisioning a future where EVs can be used as full batteries in the grid.

Equans' impact is rooted in innovation and practicality, reshaping the energy landscape while enhancing the EV charging experience. Serving as a catalyst for a greener grid, Equans continually refines and enhances its smart charging solutions, placing the power of sustainable eMobility directly into the hands of EV drivers and contributing to a cleaner, more efficient future.

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