s The End of the ICE Age Brussels, Belgium
December 13–14, 2021
AVERE E-Mobility
Conference 2021
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2021 is the year when we have to set out a clear phase-out plan for the Internal Combustion Engine.


Key areas where we need action:

Supply Chain of Minerals

Recycling of Batteries

EV Charging Infrastructures.

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Philippe Vangeel

AVERE Secretary General

Nancy Kabalt

Chair Formula E-team



AVERE Vision

AVERE Webinars


SQUARE-Brussels Convention Centre

The City of Brussels


Day 1

Status Quo 2021

–  The AEC2021 will open with an overview of the status quo: where do we stand on e-mobility at the end of the year 2021

– Have the currently announced measurements already brought us closer to a full phase-out of internal combustion?

EAFO will present a thourough analysis of the EV market, from public charging points to a complete overview of all transport modalities.

– Today we have 322,783 public charging points available in Europe. So what enabled the Netherlands to become the frontrunner, as it currently hosts 81,814 of those charging points? (EAFO data 30/06/21)

Policy Year 2021 towards 2050

– Policy measures are key to decarbonising transportation. Did the Fit for 55% package set the right framework for the end of the ICE age? Policymakers from different levels will share their insights on the AFID/AFIR, CO2 standards, REDIII, etc.


Day 2

The Supply Chain & Employment

On day two, the event will look at the most predominant question for the industry today:

– As Europe moves ahead with electric mobility and towards the end of internal combustion, every producer and user will eventually make the switch. So how do we get there?

– Roughly 12 million road vehicles are sold each year in the European Union. Can we electrify them all? Or do we need to switch to other transport modalities?

– Building a fully electrified future for road transport means a significant expansion of the supply chain to develop batteries and other components.

– A battery needs more than lithium, nickel and cobalt. It also requires specific components linked to the different chemistries.

The morning program will address the following questions:

– What is the financial impact of the changes that will lead to the switch in the industry? How can they be financed?

What’s the employment impact of the industry’s switch? How can we ensure Europe has the qualified workforce it needs to produce the EVs to decarbonise transport? Training and education are a fundamental part of this process.

748,107,649 Europeans need to make the switch

The afternoon program will debate these and other questions:

– How will consumers need to be supported?

– All the planned changes in policy and industry will have an impact on the daily life of vehicle users. How to ensure drivers welcome the end of internal combustion and switch to electrification. Are all their needs answered in an appropriately consumer-centric way?

– What is the role of AI in making this major mobility shift possible?


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You can listen here to our Sec Gen @PhilippeVangeel's interview with the @Platform4eMob on the importance of a committed, broad and diverse network supporting and promoting #emobility.

#ENTREVISTA @Arturopdelucia “Apoyar a la #industria de la #automoción es poner en valor el vehículo eléctrico como una solución real hoy” https://www.hibridosyelectricos.com/articulo/entrevistas/apoyar-industria-automocion-es-poner-valor-vehiculo-electrico-como-solucion-real-hoy/20210726163412047327.html a través de @hyecom

EMOBILITY MAKERS! ⚡️ Thank you Maciej Mazur, Managing Director of the @_PSPA and Vice-President of @AVERE_EU for sharing your insights!

Read the full interview here👇🏼https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn%3Ali%3Aactivity%3A6826135592674369536/?actorCompanyId=27232085


The Rendezvous Experts welcomes our dear Eminent #Keynote #Speaker Mr. @AVERE_EU from AVERE - The European Association for Electromobility
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