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Baden-Württemberg on its way to becoming the top location for e-mobility

Baden-Württemberg is the birthplace of the automobile. In 1886, Carl Benz registered the first patent for a three-wheeled motor car. Later, the Mercedes-Benz and Porsche companies were founded in Stuttgart. From this, a comprehensive supplier landscape developed around the combustion engine. Now, this industry is undergoing a radical change towards electric drive.

The major OEMs are producing their first electric models and suppliers are developing new solutions for electric cars. How this transformation is taking place in Baden-Württemberg and what opportunities arise for international companies will be showcased at the AEC conference. The focus will be on political initiatives that facilitate the transformation. Given the shortage of skilled workers, the university landscape in Baden-Württemberg in the field of electromobility will also be presented. Furthermore, the high innovative power of the region will be illustrated, as the share of R&D spending is highest in Baden-Württemberg within the European Union. As the central institution of the state, BW_i is tasked with advising foreign companies on opening a location in Baden-Württemberg. Our free services include the search for a location, advice on legal issues, information on the availability of skilled workers, as well as the contact to political actors, for example, when it comes to funding and subsidies. So if you want to become part of the success story of the automotive industry in the German Southwest, visit us at the AEC 2023.

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