Welcome to AEC18! 


The Avere European Conference focus on policy, products and inspiration across businesses and across borders.

Our Electric Vehicle Symposium (AVERE organize EVS in collaboration with EVAAP and EDTA) started in 1969 and gathers every year several thousand participants and more than 500 scientific papers are presented.

At AEC we draw on this enormous knowledge base to present the state of the art in a more easily accessible format. (Ref AEC16 in Amsterdam).

AEC, just like the organizers AVERE and ASBE, is about joining the knowledge and experience from academia, industry and the public sector in order to accelerate progress for the electrification of vehicles.

Electric Vehicles represent one of the most successful, promising and important climate solutions. Important because they will enable CO2-free transport and also are cornerstones to smarter grids that enable 100% renewables.

Electrification in different shapes and degrees has already been a mega-trend across many or most industries for more than the last decade. For road transport acceleration of electrification is increasing to the point where we can now predict a major disruption in a few years.

How do we get in position to create jobs instead of becoming a victim of disruption? How can policy-makers adapt and keep up in this rapidly changing area?

AEC will offer insight into policies do’s and don’ts based on experience from across Europe. We will discuss how the role of academia could evolve and also be educated by leading researchers. We will learn from success stories in European industry and get a few glimpses into near future products.

The program will include top speakers that together will give a comprehensive view of the most important aspects of electro mobility and its ecosystem.

AEC18 is the place for industry to show commitment to electrification in the EU capital, to hear the latest from the leading academic authorities on EVs, and to influence and get informed on new policies on EU level and in the different countries.

AEC18 will also be an excellent arena for networking and informal discussions with experts.

Topics to be covered span from the newest car technologies to respiratory diseases, from financial forecast to policies lessons learnt, and from life cycle analysis to EV user experience. We believe the sum of these presentations will offer new insights to most and inspiration to all!

At AVERE and ASBE we are very excited to come back to where it started in the year of our 40th anniversaries; both AVERE and ASBE were created in Brussels in 1978. We invite you to celebrate with us in this very suitable venue!



See you at AEC18!


Raymond Zoile, president ASBE

Espen Hauge, president AVERE