s The End of the ICE Age Brussels, Belgium
December 13–14, 2021
AVERE E-Mobility
Conference 2021
The End of the ICE Age s s

2021 is the year when we have to set out a clear phase-out plan for the Internal Combustion Engine.

Key areas where we need action:

Supply Chain of Minerals

Recycling of Batteries

EV Charging Infrastructures.

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Electrification of road transport is essential for achieving a 55% emission reduction by 2030. Clean and smart mobility needs Zero-Emission Vehicles, a holistic approach to rolling out EV infrastructure and dynamic grid charging. #ElectrifyNow!

Buildings are an important factor when speaking of electrification. The Renovation Wave should include an approach based on our 10 principles for a successful decarbonisation of the EU building stock: https://electrification-alliance.eu/wp-content/uploads/files/position-papers/20200608-Electrification-Alliance-taking-an-inegrated-approach-to-building-decarbonisation-in-the-EU.pdf

The revision of the TEN-E is an important step for the EU to give priority and funding to future-proof Europe's energy infrastructure, but for a successful revision, our 5 priorities will need to be taken into account.

Check them here: https://electrification-alliance.eu/wp-content/uploads/files/position-papers/20201109-Joint-Letter-Electrification-Alliance-position-on-the-revision-of-the-TEN-E-regulation.pdf

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