Welcome to AEC2018!


Major disruptions are coming in the automotive and transport sector within the next years. It is important to understand the risks and opportunities brought along by electrification. 

How do we get in position to create jobs instead of becoming a victim of disruption? How can policy-makers adapt and keep up in this rapidly changing area? AEC will give the opportunity to learn from success stories in the European market, to get a few glimpses into near future products and to become better prepared for the future through the dialogues with industry leaders, policy-makers and leading academics. AEC18 is the place to be for industry leaders to show commitment to electrification in the EU and to stay up-to-date for future success in this market.

Looking back on 50 years of experience – the first Electric Vehicle Symposium was held in 1969 – we refer to an enormous knowledge base of research, market development, policy and business experience. At AEC2018 we invite academia, the whole E-mobility industry and the policy-makers to join forces, to better understand and more efficiently respond to the challenges we are faced with.

For this event we come back to the vibrant city of Brussels, the capital of the EU and therefore an important junction for policy-making, where AVERE and ASBE officially were founded 40 years ago. We are excited to invite you to celebrate our 40th birthday with us at the conference in this excellent location.


See you at AEC2018!


Espen Hauge, president AVERE